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14th international meeting of 2CV friends 2001

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Raid Austria

RAID AUSTRIA has guided you through our country for one week (July 30 to August 4, 2001), making you see its different sceneries, mountains, lakes, forests, but also cultural sights.

There were two itineraries to choose from:
- Raid Austria West with its goal in Vorarlberg, i.e. in Austria's far west.
- Raid Austria East led out of the mountains and to the Danube, through the Lower Austrian regions of Waldviertel and Weinviertel, ending close to Vienna, our capital.

Images and stories about the Raids



German article: "Entschuldigen Sie bitte, darf ich Sie ‘mal was fragen..?"
by Mixael [SB-CV 2], Happy Ents Saarbrücken
"Glimpses of RAID AUSTRIA EAST" by Eva Kretschy
  more Pictures of RAID AUSTRIA EAST (one page for each day)
a Dutch aritcle by Francois Van Engeland
  Photo competition
The best photographs of Raid Austria East

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