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14th international meeting of 2CV friends 2001

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January 17, 2002 The meeting videos have been sent out.
December 12, 2001

more Pictures of RAID AUSTRIA EAST (one page for each day)

a Dutch aritcle by Francois Van Engeland

November 23, 2001 Photo competition
The best photographs of Raid Austria East
November 19, 2001 "Glimpses of RAID AUSTRIA EAST" by Eva Kretschy
October 10, 2001 Finally all the statistics and pictures from the meeting are ready for the public.
August 8, 2001 The meeting is history, The site will be cleaned up.
July 13, 2001 Last breaking news will be published on CitroNews
June 18, 2001 Sent out Newsletter #8
FAQ updated.
May 16, 2001 Sent out Newsletter #7
Added more pictures of the meeting ground.
April 14, 2001 Sent out Newsletter #6
March 28, 2001 Added more pictures of the meeting ground.
March 13, 2001 Sent out Newsletter #5
February 15, 2001 Added information about Raid Austria
Moved the FAQ to the first level of the navigation.
February 12, 2001 Added a map of the site and some new pictures showing a panorama of the meeting ground
February 8, 2001 FAQ extended, Newsletter #4 sent
January 5, 2001 Sent out Newsletter #3
November 26, 2000 We have set up a FAQ
October 23rd, 2000 Dutch version of the information sheet available now.
October 2, 2000 Greek and Italian versions of the information sheet are available now.
July 16th, 2000 We moved our online forms to another server. This serer allows us to store the data in a mySQL database.
July 9th, 2000 Information for the Press
(Newsletter #1 and Registrationform as PDF files.)
We should ask all publishers of 2CV and Citroen magazines to kindly publish the information sheet together with the registration form in their respective magazines.
Added a table showing travel distances to the meeting ground.
June 5th, 2000 Corrected some errors in the pricelist
March 20, 2000 Preregistration opened
Added some pages in French
December 30th, 1999 A map of the meeting ground has been added.
October 26th, 1999 Finally, date and location have been fixed.
September 17th, 1999 We present you some pictues from the Hollareithulliöh in Seeboden.
September 1st, 1999 We have a guestbook.
July 1999 We made our decision for the meeting ground and are working on a presentation for Greece.
June 1999 The Austrian national meeting is held on one of the favorite locations for the 14th international meeting of 2CV friends 2001.
April 1999 Introduced the final logo and redesigned the site.
September 1998 A new page with pictures about the life on Austrian 2CV Meetings is created. Every day you can see a new picture.
June 1998 Added a contact page and created the announcement mailing list.
Juli 1997 We applied for the 14th international meeting of 2CV friends 2001 in Austria.

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