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14th international meeting of 2CV friends 2001

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Raid Austria East: more Photos

Tuesday, July 31, 2001
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Hatzendorf Campground

Hatzendorf campground

Photo by Raimo Yrjölä

The gorge or the cave? That was the alternative of the day. Just a few people took a chance on the gorge...

Photo by Eva Kretschy

Lurgrotte Peggau

Most of you chose the cave...

Photo by Bruno Schilling

... quite understandable with the hot weather

Photo by Krzysztof Staniszewski

The Cave bear
At Goess Brewery

Our guides at Goess brewery were already waiting for us...

Photo by Johannes Hromadka

... to give us an insight into the production of beer

Photo by Bruno Schilling

Goess Brewery
Goess Brewery - "Malztenne"

But a visit to a brewery...

Photo by Krzysztof Staniszewski

... also means a cool drink, of course!

Photo by Bruno Schilling

A cool beer!
Teufenbach campground

The day ended at beautiful Teufenbach campground

Photo by Johannes Hromadka

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