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14th international meeting of 2CV friends 2001

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Raid Austria East: more Photos

Monday, July 30, 2001
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Start of the Raid: In order to avoid or at least minimize chaos, raiders start individually from Seeboden Meeting ground.

Photo by Johannes Hromadka

Seeboden Meeting ground

Our first visit, still in Carinthia, was to Minimundus...

Photo by Bruno Schilling


...it's a small world!

Photo: Krzysztof Staniszewski

Minimundus Detail

Conquering the Soboth...

Photo by Stephan Duschinski

... we arrive at Großklein: "Nostalgia on Wheels"...

Photo by Francois Van Engeland

Nostalgia on Wheels
Inside the Automobile Museum

...held the answers to some tricky questions.

Photo by Bruno Schilling

Then we had refreshments at Großklein

Photo by Johannes Hromadka


Refreshments at Großklein
Hatzendorf Club


The Hatzendorf Club was well prepared to receive the Raid...

Photo by Raimo Yrjölä


Good night...!

Photo by Raimo Yrjölä

2CV Bedside Table

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©Hannes & Evi, 2001-12-12

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